01 September 2009

a secret history

{query: why do i always want to blog way more when i'm in the middle of homework than when i'm done?}

once upon a time there was a young girl. she went to school all the dang time. and she had nothing to say about anything. and could not make coherent sentences. it was ridiculous. so she decided to drop out because life sucks like that sometimes. she bought a guitar and started a rock band. except not. so she had to figure something else out. like maybe sell her less-vital internal organs and write screenplays on the side. the end.


Alexis said...

Keep your organs!

I think the rock band has real potential. Literary rock?

Don and Amy Bennion said...

We love reading your blog, Anna. Please keep posting...you're hilarious.
And we are so proud of you, halfway to becoming a doctor! You are amazing.


brooke said...

i say pursue the rock band dream. if only in your dreams. and i will be your dreamy base guitarist, or drummer. even though it's your dream and not mine, because i think your organs are super important. vital or not.

Physcokity said...

I am in total agreement with the querying(sp?). I vote that you buy the guitar and instead of blogging when you are in the middle of homework, write songs about this stuff.

You'd totally develop your own niche in the rock world, and eventually have a great undergroundd following that would one day surface in a kick-a world tour.

ps I also am so distracted, that I sharpie designed my nails. Hopefully they'll stay in tact until Sunday so you can see them.

pps, sorry for the swearage.

Better luck to you with the studying than i seem to be having.

lol wv: rantie haha