14 September 2009

on my crap list

i REALLY started today on the wrong foot. monday has been of the darkside all day and has refused to switch over to the light--despite the fact that all of my classes were great today. i am still in crap mood. it all started with a cockroach in our cereal cabinet late last night. and then insomnia. and then an early morning. and no decent food in the house. and a messy desk. and being unprepared. growl.


1. cockroches. i hate them. with a burning passion of red burning fire.

2. what is the deal with USC and leaf blowing?? leave the leaves where they are and maybe try hiring people to clean the buildings. because they're DISGUSTING.

3. being behind.

4. my cluttered desk.

... i could go on. but i sense that i should stop.

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