27 April 2009

Two Thoughts

I'm cheating right now because I'm not supposed to be on the internet. I'm supposed to be writing my papers. But these thoughts just keep bugging me and I want to stick them someplace so that I can come back to them later. Also, I suspect that the reason they are in my brain right now, begging to be thought about, is some form of sneaky procrastination. And then when I don't have papers to procrastinate they will promptly leave. This way I'll have them for later.

1. What kind of scholar am I? What kinds of questions are interesting/important to me? What is my academic constellation of ideas/stakes?

2. Writing is hard. I had something cool about this earlier today and now it's gone. Maybe it'll come back... oh well! I'm sure it'll return as I still have things to procrastinate.

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