26 April 2009


Following our tradition, Brooke, Alexis and I went to the Pop Culture Conference (feel free to join our yearly party; next year St. Louis and a baseball game). This year it was in New Orleans and we had a great time. New Orleans is a crazy city--kind of Disney Land + prostitutes and voodoo and bourbon. We hung out with our professor and walked around the french quarter, ate some beignets (lots of powdered sugar), saw some great street performances, ate some great food, and generally enjoyed ourselves. Oh, and we presented papers and didn't even really get attacked this year during the Q&A (which was a first--it almost didn't feel right). And we attended some panels. And one of the presenters in our panel *almost* wore a Frankenstein mask while reading his paper.

We really missed Lizzy G and Sarah--next year, girls!

Here are some picture highlights:

Some pretty sweet street performers.

Me, Alexis, and Brooke at the Mississippi R.

Trying on masks

Us and Cutchins at the graveyard--they bury everybody above ground.



Hillary said...

Looks like so much fun!

brooke said...

i forgot how much fun that trip was. great pics! love you girls! b.