05 April 2009

say hello to my little friend

I thought I'd get a little fresh air this evening. South Carolina is lovely in the spring. So, I opened the front door, minding my own business, and there he was. I changed my mind and went back in.

I think I've mentioned before that little green frogs chill around my front door. They freak me out. I was happy, though, to see this little guy today because I've been wanting to get photographic evidence. It took some courage to take these pics (hovering inside with the door cracked just enough to take it)--I was afraid he would jump at me. But, happily, he stayed put for the full photo shoot.

And don't even think that my fears are unfounded. One rainy day Melanie and Aimee and I were heading out to get some dinner. We were in the car when I realized that I had forgotten my wallet inside. My way back in the house was blocked by one of these guys (not this one, though, since he seems pretty tame). I opened the door really quickly, found my wallet, and was rushing back to the car when the frog JUMPED AT ME! Worst case scenerio! I screamed really loud and leaped off the porch. My roomies, watching from the car, were laughing too hard to defend me.

1 comment:

Hillary said...

How could you be scared of such a cute little guy? He's adorable! I think I'd rather have frogs than spiders!