03 May 2009

A couple more thoughts

It's fast sunday. I wish I were better at fasting. I mean, I do it. And I even believe in its power. But I don't feel like I often (maybe ever?) get the experience Isaiah describes. We're giving it another try today. Which makes me happy.

I turned in a paper. I'm a little bit tender about it. I'd really really like it if my prof liked it. But I don't feel great about it--I don't think that I made the argument in the end. I pretended like I did, but I didn't really. I'm pretty sure my prof is going to pick up on that and it will probably confirm that prof's worst fears about me. Sigh. Just when I'm recruiting teammates. Sometimes it stinks to be one's only teammate. Good thing I'm fun.

I reread part of my master's thesis because I'm returning to some of its ideas. Was pleasantly surprised by the writing.

How did I miss the "know all the cool music" boat? I am very uncool when it comes to music.

I'm not loving my blog colors I don't think.


editorgirl said...

I'm loving this pallette--are there two l's in that word?

I find fasting crazy hard too. But then people tell me it's supposed to be. (I always want to know if I just forgot to eat breakfast if I can somehow count it.)

You, your writing, and your thesis, all rock(ed). Feel free to accent the (ed). Because you are that cool.

Let's trade music. Because I have some new stuff you'd love.

And. . . I'm emailing you a cool site for blog backgrounds. I think you might find something there you like.

Paul & Natalie said...

ANNA B!! Through the powers of blog stalking... I have finally found you!!! Now I can always know what you're doing! HE HE HE... it's Natalie (Kissell) Ramos. Have I mentioned how I miss you... likely not, but I do! You are so adorable!!! come visit my little world... nataliekissell.blogspot.com

Mandi said...

Oh, Anna. You sweet, sweet girl. I miss you so much and want to see you sometime. We are going to be in SC while our stuff is moving to St Louis. Maybe we could find some time to hook up while I'm down there. We need to catch up - seriously.

Julie said...

Anna, your prof is for sure onto you if he reads your blog. Just something to think about for next time. If you want the cool music hook up-- I can always send you copies of the cds my 10 year old nephew Ben sends me to load on my ipod in a vain attempt to make me cool. Eliza sometimes adds songs too-- her last addition was from Camp Rock. I'm not sure that will add to much to my cool quotient, but every little bit helps.