07 March 2009


For you, Sarah, anything.

In no particular order...

8 Favorite TV Shows.
1. American Idol
2. XFiles
3. Project Runway
4. Criminal Minds
5. 24
6. Biggest Loser
7. Gilmore Girls
8. Without a Trace

8 Things I Did Yesterday. (yesterday is a bad day for this)
1. Slept
2. Watch TV
3. Got crack from Sonic (ie. Diet Coke w/ Vanilla)
4. Jogged
5. Read chapter about Orwell
6. Wrote paper about Orwell
7. Made dinner (sort of)
8. Stayed up super duper late

8 Things to Look Forward to.
1. PCAACA in New Orleans
2. Beach this summer
3. David's wedding and seeing family
4. This spring break week--getting some studying done
5. Going to UT or wherever at some point to hang with my lovely friends
6. Santa Cruz this summer
7. Figuring out how to live in the UK and executing that plan.
8. Very, very cool 18C class in the fall

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Settebellos
2. La Fuente
3. Five Guys
4. River Cafe
5. Mac Grill and Mimis with my peeps.
6. Cheesehouse
7. PF Changs
8. Rodizio Grill
9. The Roof
10. Emilio's Pizza
11. Cafe Rio
12. Zupas

8 Things I Wish For
1. I lived closer to family.
2. I lived closer to friends.
3. I played tennis.
4. I were artistic in the painting/drawing way.
5. I had a well stocked kitchen.
6. I had a longer attention span and were a faster reader.
7. I had a job lined up for the summer.
8. I could fly.

Tag: my dears who read this thing. you know who you are xoxo


Don and Amy Bennion said...

How come I just found out you had your own blog? How long have you had this? I knew you had one in Wales but that's all I knew about. Anyway, I just saw that you commented on my sister's blog and I wondered if it was my sister in law Anna B...it was! I am so glad to know about this blog of yours.
I heard from a friend that she loves Five Guys Burger and Fries also, and one is opening in Utah County. Is it delicious?
Is it ok if I link to this blog from our DA Bennion blog?

Anna B said...

hahahaha! yay! it started off as a wales blog, and then it kind of morphed into a gradschool blog. i don't post very often, though--i mostly just do the rsbennions.

five guys is so tasty--they just do burgers, fries, and hot dogs. everything is fresh--they cut their own fries and do their own patties. really good burgers!

and you're totally welcome to link me.

sorry to hear about burkie. my roommate and i talk like him now. lots of "i don't hike it" i hope he's doing better.