10 July 2006

Ymolchyn Du!

Tonight we went to a Welsh pub called Ymolchyn Du (The Black Pig) for their folk music night! (I don't know how the picture turned out--it's of a pig saying "Cymru am byth" with a Welsh Dragon tatoo on its bum. I want one.) It was so cool! Firstly, the park that we like to cut through closes at 9:00 and we left around 9:30 so Tom, us Welshies, and the other professor Brian Kershiznick all hopped the fence to get there. The pub was packed (lots of BRAINS jersies). A bunch of Welsh people sat around a central table with violins and a harp and a recorder and played folk music and sang in Welsh. We sat around and drank ginger beer (much much better than ginger ale--mas fuerte). It was so much fun--none of the musicians had music. One of the violinists would start a tune, the others would listen and then join in, do rounds, and harmonize. Amazing. I'm pumped for next week! And then we jumped the fences again to get back.

thanks Don for the tips on how to do this!

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Don and Amy Bennion said...

No problem. Love the picture (even though it is sideways :). I did notice that it was the pig that was speaking but missed the bum tatoo. Hilarious. Sounds like a blast. Keep the pictures coming!