17 July 2006


On Saturday for our optional trip we visited Canterbury Cathedral. I think it is the most beautiful cathedral in the UK. It has tons of stained glass windows and is the resting place of Edward the Black Prince of Wales of Henry V fame. Friday night we went with some of the young single adults in the area to a regional dance in Birmingham. It's about 2 hours away so we didn't get home until around 3am. We had to leave for the train station to get to canterbury at about 5:15am so lots of the girls stayed home. So it was Tom's family, the Kerschiznic family and 5 of us stuents. The smaller group was very fun, and we stopped in London on the way home for some great indian food at Khan's. Wow, I can't wait for our next London trip to get some more. Although, I must say, Bombay is just about as good. Incidently, they also have great mcflurries here. They put in British candy and wow.

ps. Music at UK church dances is weird. Kind of a mix between rap and easy listening in the same song. And they also threw in Whoop There It Is.

Here's a picture of Hannah and I attacking our nasty benjamin kitchen floor. We had lots of nice black mold and spider webs and about 3 layers of rotting tile. However, victory for us. Hannah is one of my favorite people in our group. She's chill and funny and likes to laugh. She and I go at the same pace, and we were the only two girls that went to the dance and to Canterbury the next day. Good times.


Don and Amy Bennion said...

WHOOP! shaka laka shaka laka shaka laka shaka WHOOP! The chorus to that song moves me. Love the pics at Canterbury. How's the Welsh coming? Feeling more fluent? We miss you here!


editorgirl said...

1. I miss you.

2. Did I lend you Bride and Prejudice before you left the country?