25 July 2006


One of our professors here is Brian Kershisnik. I really like his work--it's kind of modern I think. Check it out if you like: kershisnik.com


editorgirl said...

Yeah, I should be making an insightful comment about 21st century art. . . and I promise I will. . . but I just had the best idea and it needs presedential approval.

What would you think about the GSA "sponsoring" or helping out with the Graduate Student Reading? We can help advertise it, do a call for submissions, and push for the readers we want. I'll email you a decent email soon.

Love you.

Don and Amy Bennion said...


Very cool. One of my ex-hometeachees is also an artist and her style seems similar. Check out her stuff at:


We saw her exhibit at Cannon Beach, OR when we visited.