06 November 2010

Happy Halloween!

i've always enjoyed halloween. candy. dress up. running around outside in the evening. fall. frosted sugar cookies. all great things. this year brookie and i dressed up for the ysa dance. we decided to be rockstars and had a great time putting together outfits, punking out our hair, and experimenting with makeup (neither of us are experts in that department--but luckily b is a total rockstar and owns the sass department). the evening was a blast, and here it is in pictures:

prepping. check out our sweet hair.

in the car, getting reading to dance like we've never danced before:

at the dance, and our outfits:

check out the hott shoes:

with the peeps at the dance:

our dear friend derek as a surfer--which he, in fact, is.

karelyn g: planner of the dance and stylist extraordinaire:

brooke with papa smurf (david coats) and olive oil (darling jean marie)
being sassy on the dance floor:

us with jeremy, the bomb, as a ref. he also had a great tv screen.
our dear mara:

post dance car pics.

we had a great time!

and were very sassy.

happy halloween! we're considering being rockstars on a regular basis. a definitely solid plan b.


brooke said...

first, i get all my sass from you.

second, i think the full-time rockstar thing IS a solid plan. we would just have to start stockpiling hairspray. i'll look into buying it in bulk right after i publish this.

third, one of the best halloween experiences ever. and, impressive that we mostly put these outfits together from stuff we have in our closets (more evidence for my second point).

also. i think we should go dancing more. i'm putting it on the blog so it's official.

Anna B said...

PREACH ON! (except for the sass thing, seriously, i feel like my sass has gone up exponentially since i met you--it's a great, great thing!) rockstars forever. let's go get hairspray.

suzanne said...

Can I really say, "you rock"?

Jean Bean said...

Oh I just love you two!! I thought the outfits totally took the cake at the dance...and I loved that the costumes brought out the inner you! This post is evidence of so many things, once of which is that you know how to have fun and others feel fun around you!

Aimee Phipps said...

Hot tamales. That's all I have to say. HOT TAMALES!!