25 November 2010

thank you

biggest grateful news: i passed my oral comprehensive exam!! this means that i am done with comps and am on to the main event! i feel so happy, so thankful, for the miracle of passing writtens and orals. yay, yay, and another yay for being past that. yay for my committee, yay for my brilliant, supportive, and cool director, yay for the nineteenth century, yay for the eighteenth, yay for their beautiful and amazing literature and yay for their crazy and cool and interesting ideas, yay for novels, yay for poetry, yay for school. YAY!!

yay for:
health. i went on my own little turkey trot this morning on lake murray dam and thought about how lucky i am to be healthy. i really take that for granted.
great roomie and living like every day is a slumber party
teaching and students
diet coke
church and the gospel and that i miraculously have it in my life.
pumpkin pie
books and getting lost in them and reading until way too early
movies and movie theaters
beds and bedtime
perfume--i love good smells
fall and everything it stands for--newness and fresh starts, school, changing leaves, crisp air, sweaters and hoodies, school supplies, scarves, Christmas is coming
babies and a new nephew on the way
clean kitchens
well put together outfits
vacations and trips
weather of all sorts
slippers and blankets
bread and toast
board games and card games
water and swimming
family--again, because it's my favorite one.

happy day!


Aimee Phipps said...

YOU'RE DONE!!! HOLLA! Let the celebrations begin! So very proud of you.

editorgirl said...

Yay for Anna!

Tammy said...

I hope you broke out in the Hallelujah chorus afterword. I am so proud of you, Anna! WAHOOO!