21 October 2010

My Ideas

i reread my comps questions with two results: 1) the harsh comments made more sense and i became even more at peace with that. 2) i was really jazzed by two of my answers--to me, the ideas seem really interesting and exciting and potentially relevant to my field. here's the thing, though: no one else seems to think so! well, not true, actually. brooke, my roomie, thinks they're super cool as well (and what else matters, really?). but no profs seem to be excited/interested. *sigh* this is problematic for obvious reasons--they have lots more experience and many more pages of reading under their belts than i do. if they think it's not exciting this means either 1) it isn't or 2) i haven't sufficiently communicated what it is that is exciting to me about these ideas. how, then, do i communicate those ideas, if i haven't yet? i mean, do i write them a paper out of these ideas and hand them over? also, what if i want to publish something or write an article--how do i do that? how do i find the right journal? how does one even write an article? i totally don't know!

oh well--my next step, at any rate, is to study my bum off and prepare for the oral exam. maybe after that i'll face this whole article thing and these ideas that i like.


Alexis said...

Just wanted to say that I think you're awesome and I am totally proud to be your friend.

Spencer G said...

This has happened to me recently--though only for a class paper. I am so jazzed by this paper idea but the prof seems puzzled at best.

Anyway, knowing you, I'm sure it's an awesome idea, and haven't you published a chapter in a book already?