19 October 2010


I passed my comprehensive exam! Hurrah! Yippee!! I had a whole weekend of pure bliss. Loved life. Thanks, dearests, for all the support. Truly, it is a miracle.

Now I have my comments! They were brutal and I have plenty to work on--three cheers :)


Rebecca said...

Bravo Anna! I was just checking Julie's blog and found my way to the JEB family blog which has a link to your blog. I am SO happy to see your great news about your comprehensive exams! SO happy and excited for you! We're still here in Northern VA and love that you're on the east coast with us too. We're close enough to D.C. that you could sleep in our basement anytime you want to come and explore the city. Hugs and lots of congratulations to you!!
Love, Your cousin, Rebecca

smason said...

Congrats! You're awesome. And as I may have previously mentioned, given your social life and online presence, your academic achievements are amazing (I mean this in an absolutely positive sense).