17 August 2009

why-i-am-skeptical-about-my-blog list

i am skeptical about my blog. and i have been thinking about it lately and wondering why i am not really taking to this blogging thing so well. i have a couple of ideas:

1) because it feels like a journal, except public. which stinks, because then i don't really have the freedom and privacy to complain about things, or analyze/admit my deeper insecurities, or vent, etc. etc.

2) because i don't have any adorable children of whom i could post pictures.

3) because i stink at taking pictures of my own life, and so don't a have visual chronicle of me that i could post instead of adorable pictures of my non-existent children. and, let's be honest, my life pretty much consists of school. exciting. that is going to keep readers on the edges of their seats! it wouldn't even keep me (and i love school) at the edge of my seat. because i couldn't blog the really juicy fun stuff without using lots of code names and things like that (see #1)

{side note: on second thought, code names could be really fun. it would be like the scandalous secret histories i read in my 18C classes. that would also be very academic of me. still. secret histories had (and thus, i would think, have) a tendency to bite their authors in the bum later}

4) because a cool blog that has decided to not post pictures would require interesting posts that would, in turn, require thought and actual writing. and i am way too lazy to do writing on an extra-curricular basis. i mean, if i am actually going to sit down and write, i probably shouldn't be writing a blog.

{unless, of course, i decide to make the blog my "study for comps" blog--but then, see problem #3--that could be come very boring}

so, i'm not sure what to do with this thing. i have thought of making it a blog of lists. because i do like a good list. or maybe i will bite the bullet and actually practice writing. i know, fat chance. or maybe the blog will have to leave cyberspace. we shall see.


brooke said...

don't leave. i like your blog. even if it, and you, don't know what it is...yet.

Jean Bean said...

I hope you don't mind that I happened upon your blog...and I LOVE it. I can see your blog becoming a haven of excuses when I am doing my homework: "But I just want to go check out Anna's blog...she's so clever and so right on...and so funny..." And thus the excuses roll on and I will love every minute of checking out your blog. :) I hope you don't mind.

Anna B said...

of course not! i'm happy to become a outlet for procrastination :) you're way too nice to me! love you, akb