17 August 2009

things-i-wish-were/could do-but-not-really list

i just couldn't help myself! after blogging my last post, i thought of a million lists i want to write and just have to post one before i go do something related to school, like read tristram shandy (there's a list waiting to happen--reasons i do/do not like that book)

{side note: i really like my life, so this is actually a fun list, not at all a sad/pity me list}

this could probably also be titled: things-i-daydream-about list.

1) An artist--the painting/drawing kind. Wouldn't it be so great to be able to create like that? How cool would that be?! How does it happen? What does it feel like?

2) Write a novel. How great would that be? To spend ones time thinking about how to put a plot together and fleshing out characters and stuff. I think I would want to be a fun-read novelist. Like a Harry Potter writer or a really clever and funny mystery novelist, like Jasper Fforde.

3) Olympic athlete. Preferably an ice skater. Or a swimmer. Or a gymnist.

4) A professional musician--a classical one. like a pianist. or a violinist.

5) Have a beautiful singing voice.

6) Grow thick, long, curly hair.

7) Speak lots of languages--like Welsh, French, Scots, German, Spanish, Italian, and Latin. Maybe Portuguese. And definitely Arabic.

8) Write calligraphy.

9) Speak with an accent.

10) Make a film! (I want to do this so badly!) And be able to act.

ahhh, good times. back to the infamous tristram.


brooke said...

you're totally going to marry an artist. then, this will all make sense.

Tammy said...

Love the lists! I did this once for pages and pages in my journal in high school...just couldn't stop. On the artist thing--I just wonder how it would be to be able to compose music---I just can't get my head around that. I tried my hand at it once--very bad move.