27 May 2009

a first!

good news! check out this table of contents for a forthcoming book on adaptation and pedagogy:


Deborah Cartmell

Dennis Cutchins, Laurence Raw and James M.Welsh

Section 1: Mapping the Field
How To Teach Film Adaptations, and Why
Thomas Leitch

Section 2: Adaptations in the Classroom
Frankenstein’s Monstrous Influences: Investigating Film Adaptations in Secondary Schools
Nathan Phillips
Adapting Composition, Arguing Adaptation: Using Adaptation in the Composition Classroom
Natalie Jones Loper
A Monster Course and a Course of Monsters
Anna Bennion
Oh My, They’ve Killed Socrates! Teaching Adaptations via South Park
Katrina Bondari
Sighting the Whale and the Rights of Man: Teaching with Film Adaptations of the Novels of Herman Melville
Robert McParland
Teaching Adaptation via Intertextuality: The Stepford Wives, Post-Feminism and Avant-Garde Cinema
Walter Metz
Life Without a Primary Text: The Hydra in Adaptation Studies
Jennifer M.Jeffers

Section 3: Adapting in the Classroom
Pedagogy in Intermedial Adaptations
Freda Chapple
Adapting Wilde for the Performance Classrom: No Small Parts
Frances Babbage
“It Must All Change Now:” Victor Hugo’s Lucretia Borgia and Adaptation
Richard J.Hand
Never Seek to Tell Thy Love: E-Adapting Blake in the Classroom
Richard Berger
Adaptation and Creative Writing: Brokeback Mountain on the London Underground
Mark O’Thomas
Towards a Pedagogy for Teaching Adaptation
Laurence Raw and Sevgi ┼×ahin
Writing the Adaptation: Teaching an Upper Division Course for the Screenwriter
Diane Lake

Section 4: Adapting the Classroom
Why Adaptations Matter to Your Literature Students
Dennis Cutchins
Adaptability: Questioning and Teaching Fidelity
James M.Welsh
Teaching Adaptation, Adapting Teaching, and the Ghosts of Fidelity
Peter Clandfield
Whose Life Is It, Anyway? Adaptation, Collective Memory and (Auto)Biographical Processes
Suzanne Diamond
The Numbers Game: Quantifying the Audience
Alexis Weedon
Teaching Radio Drama Adaptations
Elke Huwiler
The Pleasures of ‘Theatre Film’: Stage to Film Adaptation
Milan Pribisic

my first publication!! what, what?


Alexis said...

Holy cow!

I am totally impressed. Way to go, Anna. How's that monstrous course coming, by the way? Are you teaching it in the fall?

Spencer G said...

This one is also extremely impressed. And trust me, I don't use that adverb often.

Julie said...

I want to read a monster course and a course of monsters--just because of how awesome the name is. How can I get my hands on this? My only publication was about the classification of fibres in rational elliptic surfaces in a field of characteristic 3, and for some reason, nobody asked to read it . . . maybe I needed a better name.

brooke said...

totally proud of my totally genius roommate! you go girl!