06 July 2009

hills make me vomit

apparently. so, i've been trying to work out sometimes. one thing i like to do ("like"--ha) is intervals on the treadmill--2 songs at 5.2, 1 song at 4.0, 2 songs at 5.5, 1 song at 4.0, 1 song at 6.0, 1 song at 4.0, etc. it had been a couple of days since i'd gone, so i decided to drag my bum to the gym. i started on the 5.3 and really had a rough time. went to the 4. went to the 5.7 and really thought i was going to vomit. or pass out. seriously worried about it and making puke exit strategies in my mind. and i was a little surprised. i mean, it had been a couple of days, but still. so, i go down to a 3.7, panting, heaving, wheezing. and then i notice that the treadmill has been on a 3.0 incline the whole time! i shut that bad news down real fast. and then i did my one song at 6 and felt like i was going to cry. i wasn't upset or anything--just some weird emotio-physico release or something.

so, hills make things tough.

i felt great after, though, and rocked out to my ipod on my way back to the car.


Alexis said...

I'm glad you didn't puke. I'm interested in the exit strategies though. What did you come up with?

Don and Amy Bennion said...

Dang! That is hard! I couldn't have done it. I'm very impressed. And good job not puking:)


brooke said...

i still can't believe this happened to you. i really am impressed that you didn't puke. incredible! it's amazing what our bodies can do when we make them.