01 March 2009

Happy St. David's Day!

Or, really, Hapus Dewi Sant in Welsh.

St. David is the patron saint of Wales and today, March 1st, is St. David's day! Wear your leaks and your daffodils, Cymru am byth, and many happy returns.

To celebrate the day, this blog would like to share the Welsh national anthem (as sung in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff before a rugby game) and some Wales photos.

the anthem (which I can also sing):

Castell Caerfilly:

More Caerfilly
St. David's flag:


Hillary said...

I'm totally digging this national anthem! But it'd be way better if you were singing it!

Lekili said...

I miss you. When are you coming back to play in Utah? I found you on Sarah's blog...could you pick her up in Chicago and both of you end up in Bountiful? That would be the coolest.

Anna B said...

I feel so great about that! Maybe I should go hop in my car now.