24 February 2009


i feel like i need more hobbies in my life. so, i'm going to brainstorm some hobbies, sleep on the list, and make a choice.

i could...

use this blog to write film reviews so i could be like this guy some day:

and at the same time i could actually be writing things that i might have to revise before posting. how weird would that be??

i already do quite a bit of reading, but maybe i could read this religiously:

and find some cool books not in the 19C. and then i could tell you about it on this blog and corrupt young gradstudent minds like octavia dreamed the other night.

i could ride this:

and then do triathalons, because i have always wanted to. except for that i need a bike first, but whatever. details.

i could... (i'm not posting more pics, but you get the idea)

*find recipes and prepare cool food
*get a calligraphy for dummies book and give it a try (always wanted to do this one, too)
*take up welsh again. (ok, this one needs a pic)
*i could learn to quilt (something else i've always wanted to do. i LOVE quilts)
*i could learn to draw (ditto)
*i could explore all the parks in south carolina

out of creative juices. and i need to go read.

will sleep on it (eventually) and let you know.


Alexis said...

Ooh... I vote for calligraphy. Or quilting. Or parks. Or all of them.

I crochet lately. It's kind of fun.

By the way.

New Orleans.

Get ready.

Christine Sandgren said...

I vote for biking and cooking. You'll need the latter skill for the rest of your life, and the former sounds like a lot of fun.