16 November 2008


i am now officially a phd candidate.

the question i answered: which theoretical model do i think is most useful/important in studying 19C british lit?

questions i didn't answer:
compare and contrast romantic and victorian poetic constructions of the self. (nope--don't really do lots of poetry. also hadn't reviewed lyrical ballads)
how do issues of empire manifest themselves in romantic and victorian literature? (nope--had decided beforehand not to do the empire question in the event of one)

to do:
finish course work
get dissertation chair
publish something
take and pass language exams
take and pass comprehensive exam
write a prospectus for diss.
write diss.
defend diss.
get job.


Spencer G said...

Oh, Prez, you're still way out there in the lead making it look easy. Good luck diss-ing it up.

editorgirl said...


We will have to celebrate. Say Utah, December?

Love you.