07 January 2009

welcome to the new year

i notice that i follow lots of other blogs and never write on my own. pretty lazy of me. typical, really.

so, a few things on the mind:

1) secret: i really really liked the history of love. but i don't know that i loved it. well, maybe i loved it. but i don't know that i loved it as much as i thought i was going to. more on this.

2) when one says "i know something is true," what does that mean? i mean, i buy into it, for sure. i know some things are true. but what do i mean by that? what are the qualities/powers of true?

3) one goal this year: abdicate my dictatorship of procrastinators for life. i can do it. but it will probably take the entire year. this means using my time better. *sigh*

4) i probably have more goals than this one, though. that's just the big main one.

5) back to the history of love:

i guess i didn't know that i loved it until the end. i keep thinking about it, particularly about the parts that were the book the history of love. i feel like i need to read it again to really appreciate it. i thought the end was fantastic when the narratives come closer and closer together. and i thought the character of the brother and his role was great. and the style, and the different styles and how different they were, was amazing. and this is really crappy writing. i hope i can use more to be verbs and lame adjectives. one thing: i don't know how i feel about the "but." and "and yet." i also keep thinking about leo's need to be seen and watched. and the different relationships and threads and how they come together. it's pretty intense, thinking about it now. anyhow, my own writing is starting to embarrass me. so i'll stop.


Spencer G said...

I can't resist snarkily pointing out that you have given yourself an entire year to stop procrastinating. Abdicating is looking to be difficult, oh Dictator for life.

Alexis said...

Your History of Love talk is making me want to read it again. Then we can both use to be verbs and crappy adjectives to talk about it together in New Orleans.