02 November 2008

my first romanticism conference

although i've been to a couple of conferences at this point in the gradschool career, i've never been to one that actually focuses on my primary area.

until october. i went to the ICR conference in MI. on the plus side, it was really great to see fall colors on the trees! i forgot how much i like the fall season and how excited it makes me feel at the beginning of the school year. also, i had a great time hanging out with grad students in my area from usc. and it was, of course, great to see nick--who was totally supportive as always.

on the other side, i can't even believe how stinking nervous i was to present my paper. i was really afraid that i might do something ridiculous in the middle of it--like cry, or wet my pants, or something. i didn't do either of those things, fortunately (go ahead and chalk that one up on the plus side). also, it just didn't feel right to be at a conference without brooke and sarah. and i discovered something rather unfortunate--it seems to me like i'm somewhere in gothic limbo land. i don't really know the 18C, but i also don't really know the 19C either. i really felt a lack of "expertise" in the romantic period, and as a result did not feel comfortable chatting with people about their projects--which was not that fun to find out as i'm hoping to both examinate and dissertate in that period. oh well! better go pull out the old poetry books...



brooke said...

i'm discovering that life without you just doesn't feel right. must remedy that. bet you kicked butt at that conference, and you don't even know it!

Alexis said...

Check you out Miss Serious Scholar. I'm with Brooke, I bet you were more awesome than you realized.

I'm going to submit a paper to one of the Vietnam sessions for the ACA/PCA I think. The Vietnam deadline isn't until December 1st. Haha.

Is Guyon going? Brooke mentioned it... I would be so fun to hang out with you all. Hopefully it will work out.