03 July 2008

stick shift

the great thing about this blog is that it keeps coming back. you think it's over, you're sure it's dead, and then, kazaam! it's back! it's like...something that keeps coming back. maybe i'll think of an apt simile in the course of a little typing.

1. I've discovered (rediscovered?) the best children's story book: There's a Monster Under My Bed. That's some great entertainment.

2. So, I'm in Denmark watching the nephews for two weeks so that d&a can see some of Europe before baby #3 comes along in Oct. Free trip for me. Triple ripple booya.

I'm slightly nervous about a few things, though. For one, I'm driving stick shift for the first time ever. I've been practicing for the last couple days. Keeping fingers crossed. W, my oldest nephew, is just potty trained. This means--not to put too fine a point on it--dumping out the little potty chair. Also, he does not like to go stinky and puts it off until the edge of too late. And finally, I'm a little nervous about handling two at once. I mean, how will I give both of them enough attention? And how will I keep track of them when we get to the park or tivoli or whatever?

On the up side (which is much greater than those few little worries) both boys are really sweet and funny and easily entertained. So, it's going to be quite a two weeks!

Will maybe keep the blog abreast of further developments as the week goes on (number of pooped pants, number of times car stalled in middle of intersection, highlights of the day such as playing in the kiddie pool outside).

good times!

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