19 May 2008

list making

is something i love to do. which is funny, because they never seem to work right for me--i lose them, or i get distracted by things not on the list, and then i don't end up crossing anything off. yet i keep making them. and i think i'm going to make more lists today. i need to make lists on:

*work out schedule (now that i have almost unlimited free time!)
*reading schedule
*reading list
*cleaning list
*to do list for today
*to do list longer term

i guess the first two aren't really lists. whatever.

also, what is the deal with post-semester blues? i feel like i'm living in the nothing. nothing sounds good--not reading, not cleaning, not napping, not going for a walk, not painting my nails, not jogging, not cooking, not watching tv. only two things sound any good--going to visit eg brooke and lizzy g and going to six flags. i am just in blah mood. zero zero zero motivation. to even move. so, i'm hoping that making some lists will help snap me out of my post semester yucky place. if i can get up the ganas to actually write them.

that's it! i'm doing the dishes.


editorgirl said...

I personally think the solution is to schedule that trip to Utah or Vegas or wherever.

Like, right now.

Alexis said...

Vegas! Vegas! I'll be in Utah June 4th also. So that would work for me. :)