11 July 2008

scraping bottom

in so many ways. i've been with the boys for over a week now, and we've got a few more days to go. so far today we got up and had breakfast. i gave them a bath. they wanted me to chase them around the house and tickle them. we played race cars. we walked to the park and played and went to the store. then we had lunch. then we went back to get b's sweater. then we came home, and they are napping! so i've got some time to myself. i should be working. or studying. but, in the true spirit of procrastination, i think i'll write here for a minute.

things have been tough. it's not that they're tough kids. on the contrary. i mean, they are active for sure. but they're not overactive. and they aren't hard to please. but for some reason this has stressed me out. it has taken me to my emotional limit. it's tough to totally put my finger on why. i think that i think too much about planning out the time and filling up the time, when really the time would probably fill itself. i probably need to chill out. also, i'm sure going from having all free time (or at least time filled by things that i've decided to do) to having no free time has something to do with it. a little trauma. anyhow, i had better go do whatever it is i'm going to do. goal: chill out.

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Alexis said...

I imagine it must be hard to go from single woman to full-time parent (practically) of two overnight. You are a fabulous aunt. What lucky nephews you have.