21 April 2008

operation crave

welcome to operation help anna's body crave fruits and vegetables (code name: operation crave). our task, as you might have guessed, is to see if we can't make me want to eat fruits and veggies. this isn't to say that i NEVER crave these things. i just more often than not crave icecream or hamburgers or tater tots (arguably, yes, a veggie--but for the purpose of operation habcfv we're striking it off the list). is this possible? i think so. i seem to remember randomly craving apples all the time at one point. a truly psychidelic moment in my life. i want to get back there. so, GO TEAM.

in pursuit of our goal, i'm working on baby carrots. we're bringing these to school and are not letting me buy anything to eat. this is a good place to start i think. carrots have that satisfying crunch and the weird orange color (weird being a good thing in this case--and good thing in most cases, i think). so far so good today. i ate carrots on my way back to class after swimming.

i'll keep you on top of any developments.


Alexis said...

I tried to make myself like carrots while I was pregnant. I bought probably five bags of baby carrots that eventually found their way to the trash. I recommend cucumbers. Make a cucumber and tomato salad with a light vinegar dressing. Yum.

Alexis said...

Anna. Have you seen Becoming Jane? I just saw it and wondered what you thought.