04 April 2008


This blog started as a place to post about my Wales SA trip (which was phenomenal). It has slowly evolved to be a place to think and write about all the silliness, anxiety and ridiculousness that comes with being in grad school and potentially facing up to life sometime. Which brings me to changes: because my blog has evolved, I started thinking that I ought to change my blog title from Cymru am Byth to something more appropriate. I even went to the settings place and stared at my title, poised to type something new and pithy. But it made me too sad (this seems to be a common theme with me and change). I love Welsh. And I love Wales. And it occurred to me that Wales Forever is totally appropriate. Wales is the underdog of the UK. But they're feisty. And they keep coming. And they're kind of random. They've got that great flag. Cymru am Byth it is.

Also, I couldn't come up with anything pithy.

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editorgirl said...

Don't forget that Wales is sexy. Dead sexy.