08 March 2008

teaching over the last week

We've been working on object analysis and things are going pretty well, actually. We started the paper on Wednesday and worked thesis statements on Friday. Friday's class went particularly well in my first period. We used one of the girls' object and observations of that object to come up with arguments about that object. I think they really began to see the social constructions behind things that they taked for granted. They really caught on to the idea of socially constructed gender norms. We talked about my brother being in Africa and the huge difference between what is "ok" in terms of physical affection between heterosexual people of the same gender in Africa and what is "ok" here. Anyhow, I'm happy with how that went. My 11:15 class was a little less into it and they're having a tough time getting beyond observations. We'll see how they do over the break.

Spring break here I come!

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Alexis said...

Spring Break! I remember those. How exciting. I hope you do something more fun than just write and grade papers.