20 November 2006

schools finally

You know, this grad school application thing gets tiring! And it makes me crave going out to dinner rather than going home and cooking myself something. Whatever. Panda Express sounds good. Or Thai food. Or maybe Zupas. So, today I've been gather letter of recommendation stuff and compiling folders. Cutchins's is all done and sitting outside of his office. It took about a million hours to find it all. Now I have to get Matt and Nick's together. I also finally compiled a final list of schools: (!)

U Penn
Notre Dame
U of Colorado
SUNY Stony Brook
U of South Carolina

I'm pretty excited about all of them. Getting into my top will be nothing short of miraculous. But hey, I believe.

1 comment:

editorgirl said...

I think you should apply to Houston, Ohio, Iowa, and the U.

Or maybe I should just apply to NYU, UW, Indiana, and Notre Dame.

Decisions, decisions.