23 August 2006

i can't resist

I'm about as good at this blog thing as I am at the journal thing. Whatever.

So, just in case my mom or any other concerned party reads this particular post, I'd just like to say that I'm very safe and capable here in London. I'm being very very careful and there are always tons of people around. And I'm about 5 years older than anyone in these hostels, so I promise that there is nothing to worry about. That said, I just can't help writing down a few hostel stories.

So, my first hostel post-program was the nastiest place I've ever slept. Luckily I had clean sheets all to myself. However, on the bright side, it was a multi-cultural experience. I met people from Spain, Italy, Germany, and Croatia (they won the football match apparently).

Yesterday I moved into my new hostel. It's much much nicer, but last night just made me laugh:

I got back from the theatre (Seven Brides for Seven Bros) around 10:30. The light in my room at the hostel wasn't working, so my roomies had the door propped open so that they could get drunk on vodka and redbull (could there be a nastier mix?) as they got ready to go clubbing. They sprayed lots and lots of cologne (red bull + cheap vodka + cologne. can there be a nastier smell?). I swear they are all 15 years old.

When I woke up this morning there were at least two extra people beyond my roommates passed out in the beds or on the floor of our room. Wow, London night life (in which I do not participate, mom).

Good times in London! I bought a Khans shirt earlier this week. It is perhaps the best purchase I have made since I arrived in the UK. On the back it says "If you haven't been to Khans, you haven't been to London" I can't wait to wear it every day.

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Meagan said...

Anna! I was so excited to find this! Reading it has really made me reminisce (sp?). Anywho, I missed you on the hike to Half-Dome. We totally could have suffered together! Nah, it was okay. Gorgeous, really. See you tonight!