28 November 2006

silent sigh

So, here's a question. Why did I not do the things I needed to do over the weekend? Here's another question. What was I thinking?? For the love. Oh well, that means there will be lots of library time in my future. Thanksgiving break, by the way, was delightful, delicious, delectible. And if I could rewind, I still wouldn't do my homework.

We painted D and A's house. It looks fantastic. We had a little bit of a paint crisis, but it ended up great with oat and roast. I hate filbert. Blech.


Anonymous said...

Not really a comment on your silent sigh, though I seldom accomplish what I want to over the weekend. I have two kids, though, and I have stopped wondering why I seldom accomplish the things I want to (or even need to). Anyway . . .

I stumbled on to your blog through a friend of a friends, as these things often happen, and I'm fasicinated by your "Lady Jane" name choice. I have a framed print that came from the National Gallery in London of the moment before Miss J's beheading. The picture generates a lot of unusual conversation, and I'm fascinated by her story. Actually that whole period of British history is some remarkable study. (My mother's maiden name originated with an illegitimate child of Henry VIII, but I digress.) I just was curious about the choice. Maybe it is your actual name? Maybe you explain yourself in another post? Maybe it is your little secret and none of my business? Anyway, I may check back in a few days and see if you have replied, or you can check out my blog called Nomad.

What does your Welsh phrase mean?

lady jane said...

well hi! lady jane comes from multiple sources. i'm also fascinated by lady jane in the picture you describe (which, by the way, i think is incredible), i'm a big jane eyre fan, i have a cousin that i love named jane, and i think that somewhere in my almost subconscious there's a GIJOE reference. have you ever seen the lady jane movie with helena bonham-carter? worth a rent.

and cymru am byth means wales forever! it's a great language if you ever feel like learning a new one. i'm excited to check out your blog!