08 July 2012

pet peeves

1.  when people suggest that something willingly given up doesn't count as a sacrifice.  sacrifice isn't defined by reluctance!!  also, when people say that something isn't a sacrifice when we receive blessings as a result of giving the thing up or when happiness results.  happiness IS what results from sacrifice.  sacrifice is not exclusive to sadness and hesitation, people!

2.  when people suggest that silence during a testimony is a bad thing.  it's a great thing! we can all sit and mediate and think about our own testimonies.  silence, as they say, is golden. 

so, there you have it.


smason said...

1. I don't know. I tend to side with the sacrifice=reluctance camp. If you want to do a good deed, it's still a good deed, but maybe not a sacrifice. On the other hand, we're told that if we do service begrudgingly, it doesn't really count (pretty sure there's a scripture for that), which would mean that if sacrifice requires reluctance and only giving gladly counts, then sacrifice doesn't count (which I don't think is true).

Anna B said...

stacie--all true. hmmm...maybe there is some sort of middle ground between willing and begruding. perhaps sacrifice is less about not wanting to do it and doing it anyway, and more about having options and choosing to do the thing that the lord would want us to do? so, it isn't that i *don't* want to serve the lord and do it anyway, but perhaps i choose to do visiting teaching even if it isn't the most convenient thing (i should perhaps make this sacrifice more often), or i go on a mission even if there are things at home that i also want to do. so, sacrifice as giving up things we want, because we want to serve the lord more? hmmm. i will have to think about this.