04 March 2010

The Secret History of A____ and Emails, an Epistolary Tale

Dear P_______,

Why don't you answer my emails? Perhaps half of my messages go to your spam mail. Or maybe you're just really busy. On the other hand, maybe my questions are obnoxious. Or maybe you think I'm too needy and you ignore my emails in order to send a different sort of message. At any rate, my inbox, empty of your replies, makes me feel like the it's the latter. Perhaps you don't want to tell me that I'm needy, annoying, and not worth your time with your lack of response, but that's the message I've gotten. And I think it's lame.




Hillary said...

Dear A___,

Even if P____ neglects you (stupid P_____), I will always answer your emails.



suzanne said...

Much love, expressed in naught but first letters.