14 March 2010

Another List. Or two. And maybe some thoughts.

I've been wanting to blog for a while. My problem is a topic. Everything is so dreadfully centered around me and what I think and feel and worry about. Ugh. I just don't have what it takes right now--be it talent, work ethic, energy, whatever--to write something beyond my preoccupations. Hmm.

But! I did think of some more things for my life-to-do list:

5. Take piano lessons again.

6. Do a triathalon

Also, another list. Things I really like:
1. Sees candy

2. Devouring books. And reading books I can devour. That is not every book, let me tell you.

3. Going to see movies in the theater by myself.

4. Going to see movies in the theater with friends.

5. Holding babies.

6. Chats.

7. Classical music.

8. Pop top-40s type music.

9. Reading in bed at night until I fall asleep.

10. Baths.

11. Film adaptations of 19C novels--well, I don't always like them, but I like watching them.

12. Marathoning TV shows.

13. Painting my toenails.

14. Getting a haircut.

15. Well-written literary criticism.

16. Laughing hard enough so that tears come.

17. Emails.

18. Mail in general.

19. Naps.

20. Boats.

21. Swimming. Water. Being in water.

22. The beach. The ocean.

23. Smoothies.

24. Trying new restaurants.

25. Stories.

26. Juicy, harmless gossip. News is a better word for this--hearing what's going on for people. The latest and greatest. Like, that one of my nephews did so-and-so. I would just say "news" but people might think I mean what we get on TV news stations and the newspaper. And that's not what I would mean.

27. Weather.

28. Film reviews.

29. London.

30. Squash. Particularly butternut and spaghetti.

31. Cooking.

32. Reading cookbooks.

33. A clean kitchen floor.

34. Ice cream. Homemade cookies. Caramels.

Ah, nothing like a nice list. So, just kidding on the thoughts. Maybe I will do thoughts later.


Don and Amy Bennion said...

I was just chatting with a friend re: going to the theater alone. He swears by it. I need to try it. Can't wait to be back so that we can do #1,4,5,6,11,12,16,16,16,16,16,21 (JUNE!!!),23(Great new Danish recipe),24,25,26,28(at least out loud readings of our favourites) You should read esquire's interview with Roger Ebert. Fascinating and very well done,31,34.

Spencer G said...

Just had a butternut squash soup that. was. amazing.

Don and Amy Bennion said...

Love the list. Makes me want some things, too. I'm not sure I've ever had spaghetti squash...I'll have to try it. Lookins so so forward to seeing you soon, Anna!


Anna B said...

@D&A--balboa is all i think about!! i can't even wait. miss you guys mucho.

@spencer--butternut squash really is amazing.

Robin Burton said...

Hi anna, love your list. I like alot of the things you like, in fact I want to do a bunch of the listed fun things. You are super neice and I hope we all get together sooner than later. Love Aunt Robin