02 January 2010

It's Time

In honor of this brand-spanking-new year I feel to start a long-term, sometime-before-I-die, to-do list. So far, it's not very long. I mean, I can't just put anything on the list. It can't be things that kind of sound fun or crazy, but deep down I doubt I will make the effort to actually do. It can't be "yeah, that could be cool" kinds of things. Or just things that I've heard other people put on their corresponding lists. No wishy-washy entries here. It has to be things I passionately want. Things I'm willing to make happen. Serious things. A for real list. So:

1. Live in London (for more than 3 months at a stretch). Living in the UK counts.

2. Spend New Years Eve in Times Square.

3. Get PhD.

4. Write and submit (whatever that is or means) screenplay.

See, I even erased one because I wasn't sure that I really really wanted it. Will continue to add to list as things come up.


Tammy said...

Love it, Anna! I was really missing you the other day. Really, really want to see/talk to you and Brooke soon somehow. Aja Aja highting! (Konglish for "you go girl! you can do it!")

editorgirl said...

I'm on board for all four. How about we both get our PhDs, and then get awesome fellowships and spend a year in the UK? I'll write poetry and you can write your screenplay.

Jean Bean said...

Keep fighting for those dreams! They are beautiful in every way.