08 December 2009

what i want

you know what i want? here's what i want: i want to be able to do a project that is worth doing. that's interesting and that has an argument with legs that can walk around. and i want to have the stamina and focus and the patience and the mental and psychical ability to spend the time that it takes to do that kind of project. and i want a chair who believes that i can do that and who will push me to do that. (not to say that my chair doesn't believe that). and i want to be the kind of student whose work convinces their chair to believe that.

that's what i want.

1 comment:

Alexis said...

You can totally do this. You will find a project you love and that will motivate you to really do it well.

Maybe if you write a nice letter to Santa he will point you in the right direction. :) Couldn't be a bad backup plan anyway.