28 May 2011

a new list

i'm sitting here waiting for my laundry to dry, which is SUPER boring and taking SUPER forever, so i thought i'd write a new blog post. also, i need to cover up the previous self pity post. SO! new post! new post new post, move down, move down, new post new post, move down.

i'm also watching 24 on my instant netflix. i've got a little crush on jack bauer. can't help myself.

things i want:
new running shoes
one of those shoe organizers that you hang on the door
workout clothes
new swimsuit
church bag
beach bag
more time at the beach
groceries, without having to go get groceries
summer tee shirts
summer heels
church clothes
new unmentionables
world peace
sees candy

also, my haircut lately looks like a hobbit haircut. good thing hobbits are the best.

1 comment:

Jean Bean said...

You rock. And all of your posts are dear because they are honest. So, no worries there.