29 March 2011

decisions, decisions

Ok, so I'm trying to figure out what I should do for the summer. I'm hoping to work for the Institute of Reading, which is a corporation that offers literacy classes to all age groups over the summer. Teachers for the Institute travel all over their geographical area, teaching 4 or 5 out of 7 days of the week and days off are not necessarily consecutive. Also, my roomie and I are moving all of our stuff into storage of the summer, so we will be signing a new lease in the fall and will have to go through all the paper work and things that go with it.

Now, the question is, do I work in UT or SC?

pros for SC
*close contact with my dissertation chair
*the job ends before school starts
*I'm on location for moving into an apartment and signing and paying and all that jazz
*the beach
*grad friends

cons for SC
*definitely working at least some (possibly all) Sundays
*non-existent dating life

pros for UT
*UT friends
*on location for NASSR conference
*possibility of dating

cons for UT
*ends after school starts--will probably miss the first day of the semester here in SC
*distance from diss chair
*not on location for move in thus:
*will make grueling three day drive and then have to immediately scramble into an apartment and start teaching etc. etc. etc.

side notes: sounds like Institute for Reading really eats up time, so I will not have tons of it for dating or dissertation. But it is really good money.


Tangerine said...

Just thought I'd mention that my word verification for this comment is "Flang," which reminds me of all the Welsh classes we took together back in the day. I think it must be a sign...

I vote... UTAH!

Emily and Cory said...

They both sound like good choices but I would have to vote for Utah. Now is the time for adventure and everything will work itself out I'm sure. I once moved 7 times in one year (once internationally) and I don't remember any of the craziness I'm sure that caused but I definitely remember all the fun times I had! Good luck with your decision, I'm sure it will be awesome either way!

smason said...

Have you decided what to do this summer? (I can't tell when you posted--no date could mean today, but then the post is positioned between two posts in March)

Marianne said...

Pros for Utah: ME!!!

Get on out here!

Tammy said...

Anna, I think I thought about working for these people a few years ago. I'd love to hear how it goes. Of course, you probably know my vote but maybe you have already decided...so I will hold my persuasive abilities (ha) in check. I'd love to chat sometime, girl.