24 February 2011

To Do

*clean my room
*finish and put away laundry
*clean car
*take car in for tune up
*change oil
*log in my hours on itams
*post stuff on blackboard for my students
*read 2 chapters out of Ahern's Affected Sensibilities
*write serious response to Ahern's chapters
*think through decay topic
*hunt down decay books in library, see if anything is there
*articulate the sensibility/austen topic
*read scriptures
*think through goals
*pay bills

ah, i feel better. nothing like a good list.


smason said...

Good list.
You're so great at validating others.
Love the dresses--you may need the temple matrons to lend you a little extra coverage (unless you're on a beach).

Tammy said...

This makes me laugh because I love lists too! And I never have time to make them now. never. My life is so in need of lists and time to acutally sort through and make plans that can be accomplished. My life of motherhood et all has made me realize that I really need order and schedule and plans to feel good. That sounds so lame-o but it is true. Anyway, you are not lame-o. Love to you!