22 January 2011


ok, this post is almost embarrassing, or maybe should be embarrassing, but i've decided that it's totally not.

so, in the last few years i've started leaning towards not having a big wedding if/when that happens for me (let's just admit right now that i have no reason to be thinking about a wedding. not even remotely. but since when does a girl need a reason?). i think this stems from a couple of things: 1) if/when i do get married, he and i will both likely be quite independent and will be starting our life together with more stuff than younger newly-weds. 2) if/when i do get married, i will likely be 30+ years old. friends and family are more spread out, and are becoming more so as the years pass and as i live in different places. my parents will probably not still live in the town and house where i grew up. thus, the people i would want with me, or that my parents would want with them, will/are no longer located in one convenient location.

anyhow, lately i've been leaning towards other options. maybe i'll do a destination wedding to wherever my parents are on their mission. and instead of a huge reception, i can have people come and then a really fantastic honeymoon. and then my husband and i can throw a big party at our house for our friends once we get settled in. so, this all leads to the idea that i probably wouldn't get a big dress. why have the big dress without the big party? we could get married in hawaii, maybe, and then have a luncheon on the beach and i could buy a really great sundress for a fraction of the price of a huge wedding dress. also, i think a small part of me was laboring under the delusion that it's more difficult to find a beautiful dress with sleeves.

the other day, though, i googled wedding dresses with sleeves and maybe i've changed my mind. maybe i will want a great dress after all:

i think these dresses, or aspects of them, are beautiful and what i picture wanting i ever do get one. also, a fancy dress is quite nice for wedding pictures. it sets that day aside as really special and significant. i may have to rethink my latest wedding plans. or maybe ignore wedding ideas altogether until i actually become engaged. or have a boyfriend. or go on a date. ;)

gorgeous, though, eh??


Hillary said...

Oh! I love them all! Beautiful!

Alexis said...

I see no reason to be embarrassed by this post.

I think about redoing my wedding all the time. (Not the marriage or the husband--just the wedding!) They are so much fun to plan!

If I were doing a wedding, I would totally want that second dress! LOVE.

suzanne said...

I still think about wedding dresses. And sleeves are burdensome. These are good choices.
And I love you!

Jean Bean said...

Oh Anna, I would marry you in a heartbeat, if you'd have me. I love your ideas about weddings and dresses! I certainly love you!