18 September 2010

The Comprehensive Exam

Reality: I should be studying for comps right this second.

Reality: I don't want to.

Reality: I could cry because I'm afraid that I might fail. Legitimately.

Reality: I am even more afraid that I don't have the capacity to study hard and effectively.

Well, you might say, the way to fix that is to actually go study right now.

If only it were that simple.

But it is, you say.

No it isn't.


Aimee Phipps said...

I feel your pain. Feel it. Feel it. Feel it.

editorgirl said...

It's never that simple. But, for what it's worth, I know that you are an academic rock star. And I'm sending you study vibes from Chicago. Heaven knows I'm not using them.

suzanne said...


Jean Bean said...

This post captures a very very very true feeling. Well written, my dear Anna. Well felt, and well expressed. God bless you.