04 May 2010


I have a couple of topics I want to post on, but I'm making them wait until after finals. For now, I just want to ask: what makes writing so ridiculously hard? Why is it so difficult to get started? To get in the grove? And why is that grove so tenuous and delicate? *sigh*

I really don't want to finish writing this thing.


Tammy said...

It's the ultimate multi-task--hard thinking, deep analyzing, pattern finding, polishing, presenting, creating...all on someone else's schedule. But...when it is done...and done well...what a feeling, eh? Sorry for the "before it came to pass" moment, Anna. You can do it, friend!

suzanne said...

Yeah, getting started. I sort of throw up a bunch of words (like really a lot--you've read my blog) and go away and come back and make them better. Rinse, repeat. I had to get over any feeling they should be any thin resembling good the first ten or so times. It really has been liberating.